Monday, March 16, 2015

Road Trip BOM!!! March Block

Download Block 7 HERE as a PDF!

We hope you enjoy our Road Trip as much as we do! If you have any questions or comments we'd love your feedback!

P.S. Find all the links about our Road Trip adventures HERE.


  1. I came across the blue chest with the cutting table on top while researching about making cutting tables and sewing tables to make. I love it. Would you mind giving me the measurements for the top? I have an old oak chest where the top is in really rough shape. I thought I could replace the top with 1" plywood. Just not sure of the measurement or a good height? Any help would be appreciated. I love your shop, may have to order, plenty of great ideas, but I'm in Ohio. Thank you, Lamona

  2. Hi Lamona! The cutting table that we have is made up of two vintage dressers that I got on Craigs List and painted blue. The top of the top measures 50x66. It has a lip underneath and all around that keeps it from falling off. The two dressers are not back to back either - there is a space between them. Hope this is helpful!!!