Wednesday, September 10, 2014

StitchCraft Challenge 2014 - Amazing Entries

Congratulations to the 124 creative individuals who participated in our 4th annual StitchCraft challenge.  The photos don't do that actual pieces justice, as each and every one is detailed, colorful and hand created.

Best of Show:  Charlotte Noll   - Quilty Stacked Cups Mixed Media Piece

Best Quilt:  Judy Shelton - Keurig Eruptus

Best Wearable:  Pat Cunningham

Viewers Choice - it's up to you!! Voting through September.

Enjoy the photos!!

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  1. Such GREAT creativity here! Sew much inspiration! Thanks to MIL, Kathy Louderback for sharing this post with me.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! Kathy is one creative lady, too!!

  2. Great challenge as usual. I had so much fun making my quilty stacked cascading cups tower! So happy and honored to win ribbons and great prizes! The Tea Party was a blast. Thanks StitchCraft!!!

    1. We love doing the Challenge! Congratulations to you - your mixed media piece is amazing!!