Monday, June 25, 2012

CHALLENGE and Classes

The cats back and had a wonderful vacation.  Huge thanks to the wonderful staff at StitchCraft who make it easy to step out and know that everything is in capable hands.   Upon return there were bolts and bolts of fabulous new fabric!  And classes scheduled!  And the challenge fabric had arrived and was cut!  All good things!

StitchCraft 2nd Annual Craft Challenge

Pick up your challenge fabric (while supplies last) and start creating!
1.   Create something using the challenge fabric.  The fabric must show (not hidden on a back or in a lining).
2.  You may create anything you wish. (2011 entries included quilts, bags, dolls, doll clothes, pincushions, and more!)
3.  Have entries in to StitchCraft by September 7th. 
4.  Entries will be judged by an outside party and prizes will be given. 

What will you create?

Check out the class calendar (Calendar tab above) and see what is new.  We are excited to have some new teachers who bring additional high quality skills to the shop.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

First Quilts

There is no greater satisfaction for us than seeing new quilters successfully complete their first quilts.  We have two beginning quilting classes going on right now - one in the evening and one in the morning.  We have a very diverse group of students and each one brings their own creativity to the class and it is inspiring.
Camille chose to make her quilt larger than our typical beginner quilt.  She's a natural!
Pat also is making a larger quilt for a lucky little girl.  A machine embroiderer, she is another natural born quilter.
While not taking a class, this quilt was created out of her late mothers mumus and beautiful batiks.  A stunning memory and tribute.