Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hard to keep up with the online shop, there is so much that is new!

Our wonderful delivery guys have been bringing us boxes of wonderfulness every day these past few weeks! Each afternoon we gather around the big cartons with anticipation to see what will temp everyone next. We haven't been able to get everything on the online shop yet, but we thought we'd give you a visual so you can stop in and shop or call if you are not in South Florida.
The Giggles line from Me and My Sisters Designs for Moda.  We have the ENTIRE collection, along with precuts (although those are going quickly).  As always, these designs are all vibrant colors and prints in all scales, which make for use in so many of our favorite quilt and project patterns.

These are amazing new fabrics from Tim Holtz.  If you have ever done scrapbooking or mixed media then you certainly know Tim Holtz and his cool design style.  This is his first collection, and hopefully not his last!  Yardage and precuts available.

New fabric from Marisa at Creative Thursday.  She is one of our favorites for many reasons.  Her illustrations are adorable and she is one savvy and creative lady!

A large modified Hocus Focus with new Blooms fabric.

Another Hocus Focus with our favorite woodland creatures (those are hedgehogs in the border!!)

Batiks, batiks and a few more batiks have come in - one more vibrant and delicious than the next.  And they will keep coming!  Come visit again to see what's new, stop by the shop, click on the website, or call us.  Whatever you do, stay creative!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

It's been quite a while since we posted a blog post - and of course it has always been a goal to write fun, informative and witty posts on a very regular basis.  We'll get there!

In the meantime if you have been in touch with StitchCraft at all in the last few weeks you may be familiar with all of the good things going on.  We had the arrival of the Quilt Sampler magazine - and how exciting was it to be on the cover!!

The deadline for entries in our annual StitchCraft Challenge was September 3rd and at last count we had 74 people turn in finished projects - all using the challenge fabric in unique and different ways.  Wait until you see what was created - we will be creating and posting a slide show soon!
(This was the challenge fabric - Brandon Mably's St. Clements)

We will celebrate the challenge tomorrow at 2:30 - 6:00 with a display of all entries and some tea!

We have been adding to the calendar and planning a fun 4th quarter!  Beginning quilting classes are filling up quickly - no surprise to those of us who just LOVE it!   Beginning Hand Applique is back on the schedule by popular demand.  A great technique to learn - portable for holiday travels (and for me when I am entertaining company and can't sneak off to my sewing room I can sit with a project on my lap and keep my hands busy.) 

We will have a Pillow Case Sewing Party to benefit the wonderful ConKerr Cancer organization.  They bring pillow cases to children in the hospital.  It's a wildly popular program and is one that can benefit kids in our own backyard.  Many of the pediatric centers in the area welcome the pillowcases for their young patients, including West Boca Medical Center.   On Friday, October 18th in our classroom we will have an all-day event.  We will have some kits ready to sew - and will need people to help in all areas - cutting, pinning, pressing, sewing.  If you have some happy, extra fabric suitable for kids please bring it along.  If not, we will have some donated from the shop.   More info will be up on our website.  If you can't join us in October, we are an official drop off location for finished pillow cases, so you can make some up on your own and drop them off.  Need a free pattern for the pillow cases?  Visit the ConKerr Cancer website for a pattern and info on their organization.

  Are you still reading?  I could go on and on with all that is coming in and being planned but I'll save it for another post.  You'll definitely want to come back and visit here again, as I have lot's more to share!
Be creative!!