Wednesday, June 3, 2015

StitchCraft Challenge with a Twist!

The summer is here, the traffic is thin
Now let the StitchCraft challenge begin!

We have to see the challenge fabric
when you work your creative magic

But wait! This year there is a twist.
It's our fifth birthday! Do you get the gist?

Incorporate in your entry the number five
[hey, this will make your creativity thrive)

A five pointed star up in the sky
Five repeats of a butterfly

Five fingers on a persons hand
A foots five toes strolling in the sand

Five musicians playing in a band
Five buildings in a city grand

Five different shades of the color blue
Five happy penguins playing in the zoo

Five modern blocks that you design
Five blooming flowers hanging on a vine

Get it now?  Know what to do?
The creative result is up to you!

A quilt.  A bag.  An objet d'art. 
Whatever comes from your mind and your heart.

You have 'til September first to get it done.
For an invite to our tea that is lots of fun.

Get out of the heat and sit down and sew.
We appreciate our customers more than you know.

For more guidelines and to see the photographs from previous challenges, visit our challenge page here.

Couldn't resist doing a little poem to explain our them a bit and express my excitement!  Entries are judged and there are prizes to be won.  All entries will hang in our StitchCraft gallery for all to enjoy.  We will host a wonderful catered high tea on Saturday, September 26 for our friends who participated. Any questions?  Just ask.  Look forward to seeing what you create!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

ROAD TRIP!!! Block 9 - Tennessee

May took us to Tennessee and Block 9 - Elvis Has Left the Building!

[Video coming soon...] 
Road Trip Block 9 - TN

 Download this month's pattern HERE as a PDF!

We hope you enjoy our Road Trip as much as we do! If you have any questions or comments we'd love your feedback!

P.S. Find all the links about our Road Trip adventures HERE.