Tuesday, August 13, 2013

All Bobbins are NOT Created Equal

We learn new things all of the time - especially in a hobby industry that is always growing and expanding in creativity and technology.  And sometimes it is the simple things that we never knew about that gives us that 'ah, ha' moment and a simple new bit of knowledge makes our crafty lives a little better!
I am talking about bobbins.  
They are not all created equal. 

A very creative customer came into the shop with her high end machine to see the repair man about poor stitching and 'birds nesting'.  I checked it out (and no, I am not the repair person), opened up the bobbin cover, and pulled out an old metal bobbin.  There was the issue - a simple fix - but one that so many sewers and quilters face, not knowing that just because a bobbin fits in your bobbin case, it may not be the optimum fit and most efficient for your type of machine. (Do not always believe the packages of generic bobbins at the big box retailers that say they are universal or fit most machines.

Know your machines' recommended bobbin - it will save you save you the possibility of machine problems, messy projects and creative frustration.  We all love the many gadgets and accessories available for our machines - many are very expensive.  A couple of bobbins for your machine may cost you less than a package of gum and it will be a dollar well spent!
Happy sewing and quilting!