Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ten Buck BOM 2014 - Sign up!

It is hard to believe that the 2013 Ten Buck BOM has come to a close.  We displayed our finished quilts in the Chocolate and Jelly Bean color ways this past Saturday as inspiration to our participants to finish their quilts.  (Last year everyone got so creative finishing with their blocks - we can't wait to see what the quilters do with the candy-themed ones!)  We will be sure to post photos when we can.

Missed out on the fun last BOM or had so much fun you can't wait to do it again?  Now is your opportunity to sign up for the 2014 program - which will begin on Saturday, March 8th.  You have your choice of two different color ways and two times for our super fun and entertaining Saturday Programs.  The times are 10 am or 1:00 pm.  Your color choices are:

French General


Black, White and Red

Here is how the Ten Buck Bom (also sometimes referred to as Second Saturday Sampler - which is what some of the great shops that used to be in the area called it)  works:

  • Sign up by paying a $10 registration fee and choose your color choice.
  • Come to StitchCraft on the Second Saturday of March to pick up your first block - the pattern and the fabric.  Stay and be entertained by Johanna and Raine and receive any explanation of the block.  Sessions are at 10 and 1:00.
  • Complete your block at home before the next second Saturday. 
  • Visit StitchCraft on the Second Saturday with your finished blocks.  YOU must come with YOUR block FINISHED.  You will receive the next block pattern and fabric for FREE!  
  • Repeat the above every month!
some FAQ:  
MUST you attend each session?  You do not have to stay for each session but you must come in on the second Saturday.
Can I send someone in with my finished block?  No, someone cannot pick up your free block for you.  
What if I miss a month?  If you miss a month, you can pay $10 for the block that was missed and continue from there :)  You may also send someone in with $10 to pick up your block so you have it in time to finish it?  
What if I need help on a block?  Just ask us for help!!
How many blocks will there be?  This year we will have 10 blocks so that we may get back to beginning in January the following years.

Did we mention a theme?  Oh, yes, we will have a fun one!  Costumes and props and snacks and lots of entertainment!  
Sign up asap so we can make sure we have a block for you in March!!