Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Best Part

Why am I in this industry?  Because quilters are the best.  Saturday was a perfect example when we were blessed with our very first bus group!!  50 wonderful quilters from Pasco county visited us while on their quilting trip and it was wonderful!
(my dad stopped by to say hi and didn't get past the front room, but thankfully he snapped a few photos)
This was our first large group and I think we did a pretty good job of handling everyones' shopping needs. Of course this was thanks to Tammie, Shirley, Sue and Mom for everything!  We hope to see the ladies again in our shop.
And for any group planning a bus trip and wanting to stop by StitchCraft - we can easily accommodate you! With easy parking for your bus, too!


  1. My friend and I stopped in Saturday to do a little shopping and it was so awesome to see a bus load of quilters!!!!

  2. Thank you for your patience with the crowds!