Monday, December 12, 2011

Grand Opening Day 2

Confucious said" Find something you love to do and you'll never work a day in your life."

We had a great second day of our Grand Opening Celebration.  I think all of my wonderful customers and friends came out during these two days to support their local shop (and get savings and some door prizes and delicious baked sweets).

Debbie and Lori had a jelly roll race.  In a short time, 1600 inches of sewn strips come together as a pretty quilt top!  Debbie finished her top out of a Moda Sophie jelly roll (despite a mysteriously buzzing sewing machine.)  Lori used a Tonga Treat jelly roll and added some red squares as some 'pop'.

We had the whole staff in - Johanna, Shirley, Tammie, Miki and Raine, with the exception of Suzanne (who had to help her husband work at a resort in the islands.)
Thank you to everyone who helped make this weekend a super success!  We couldn't have grown - and continue to grow - without your help.

Now I am off to set up our new Accuquilt display (many giant boxes arrived right in the middle of the busy grand opening and they are stuffed in Georges office.  He has a bunch of repairs today so I better get cleaning....!!)

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