Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Fabric is Fantastical (and manly, too!)

Although quilt market seems like it was so long ago, the reminders of a wonderful trip to Houston arrive weekly via friendly brown truck!  Today was one of those days!  Awesome fabrics from Benartex - and their new Canvas line, was unpacked, along with some Timeless Treasures batiks.    Finally was the long awaited Celebrate Seuss!  fabrics from Robert Kaufman (I know I said in the past that I wasn't keen on ordering licensed character fabrics, however I couldn't resist this fabric!!  I couldn't resist Yo Gabba Gabba either, which should be arriving sometime soon as well.)  Check out a sampling of what is new at StitchCraft!

Oh the possibilities!  I was planning on making my husband a quilt for his birthday (which was in November) and had been collecting fabrics that were representative of him.  When I saw the Man Cave fabrics in Houston I postponed his project until the fabric arrived.  Time for me to get quilting.  What would you create with these?

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  1. Those fabrics are fabulous....I have some Dr. Seuss and love them..