Friday, February 10, 2012

Magazines and Strings

Inquiring minds want to know....
Our local chain bookstore no longer carries some of our favorite quilt magazines (such as Quilters Newsletter).  Would you prefer to subscribe directly to the magazine (which we all know has a savings) or purchase it at your local quilt shop?  Please leave us a comment here or on Facebook - thank for your input.

And to show you what I am doing with my scraps...
A string quilt (which my husband wants me to make larger.)

Take time to create something today.


  1. Love your quilt... have planned a QOV to do in reds, whites and blues, and I have to say, I love the white design in yours... hmmm... no real opinion about magazines... partly because, I've been reluctant to subscribe not knowing which would give me consistently good tips, patterns, insights, etc. ... your suggestions??

  2. The pattern and colors of the quilt are visually stunning. Have to put it on my list of patterns to try! I don't generally read that quilt magazine so I don't know that I'd buy it at your store.

  3. Would like you to order the Quiltermaker-100 Blocks
    magazine! Great inspiration!