Tuesday, March 20, 2012

For the LOVE of Fabric and Embroidery

I just came back from a day-long training in Orlando with the Baby Lock region for the launch and training of their new Embroidery Works software.  (Their tag line is "For the love of sewing" and they have done a little cheer in the past, so it is on my mind.)  The software is phenomenal!  As we have only been a Baby Lock Elite dealer since we moved into our new space, our knowledge and training is fresh.  So when I watched the new software at work - combining many of the programs I have recently learned all rolled up into one easy to use format, I was oohing and ahhhhing!

While I won't rattle on about details now, I will tell you that if embroidery is something that you have been doing for a while or just wanting to try, this is the product for you!  And if your computer has internet capabilities, it automatically checks for updates like your other computer programs - woohoo!  I have the software to demo in the shop now and have already ordered it for the shop - so it should be in this week!  I think I will have a little lecture/demo for everyone who may be interested in starting with embroidery software or expanding what they have.

On the fabric side - before I headed up to central Florida yesterday, UPS delivered several boxes from Westminster Fibers - Kaffe Fassett and his partners have new spring fabric that is the best I have seen in a while (and I love love all of the Kaffe fabrics).  Plus new charm squares and design rolls (jelly rolls).  
Also in, more white on white fabrics (we needed them!)  And it's only Tuesday!   Happy quilting, sewing, and embroidering!!

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