Monday, June 24, 2013

Countdown to the Holidays

It's June.  It's hot in Florida.  The schools in Boston just finished this week.  Let's countdown to the holidays!  
Not really, but it is quite tempting at StitchCraft to be thinking about the holidays.  The front of the shop (and the website) is chock full of Halloween, Harvest, Christmas, and Hannukah fabric and they are all AMAZING!  As always, we have quite a few new panels that make up some great quilts and projects.  A big trend we saw this year were advent calendars (or countdown calendars, as the above panel is for Halloween!)   How adorable is this?

This advent calendar, from Danish fabric company Stof, is simple to sew - the background, pockets and directions are on the panel.  Just add backing and batting.  We have come up with some really cute ideas for goodies to put in the pockets.

Finally we have this sweet advent calendar, also inclusive of panel, pockets and directions.  We added the buttons and hanger (buttons in stock, Believe hanger expected soon.)  

If you are not ready to start your countdown, you can start making gifts for those on your holiday list.  Why not take one of our many classes this summer to get a jump - and have fun while you are doing it?  

Do you create decorations for your home at the holidays?

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