Thursday, July 21, 2016

Christmas Tree Napkin Tutorial

Christmas Tree Circular Napkins are so quick and easy that we thought we'd share a tutorial for making them! Whip some up to decorate for the holidays, for a special dinner party, as a hostess gift, or just because!

You need 2 coordinating fabrics - 1 yard of each will give you 4 nicely sized napkins.

It's not necessary, but I pre-washed my fabric just in case there was any shrinking or red ink running.

Draw a 16-18" circle on the wrong side of one of your fabrics I scouted around the house to find something to use as a circular template; a serving tray, placemat, large planter, mixing bowl would work. I have a lazy Susan that is perfect! Make sure that you have at least 1/4" extra fabric around your circle for the seam allowance.

Place your fabric right sides together and stitch along the line you just drew, leaving a few inches open for turning. I like to use an open toe foot so I can see exactly where I am going. 

Trim the fabric from the outside of your circle, leaving 1/4" to 1/2" seam. You can use scissors or go slowly around using a rotary cutter.

Turn your napkin through the opening so it is right-side out, and press well. Take your time pressing at this point! Use a chopstick or turning tool to get your edges as crisp as possible without poking your stick through.

Stitch the opening closed and/or top-stitch around the edge of the entire napkin to secure.

Repeat for the other 3 napkins (or however many you are making). 

Now fold your napkins! This is seriously the most difficult part - you can play for hours trying to choose the best way to fold it! Here are two ways that I like to fold.

If you would like, you could add ric rac (pom pom ric rac looks great!), lace, or ribbon. If you have a serger you could cut out your circles and serge the edges.

We'd love for you to share any pictures of your napkins with us at the shop or on our Facebook page! 

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