Saturday, July 16, 2016

Quilt an Heirloom - French Braid Tree Skirt

There are some projects that we like to whip up quickly and give to others.  It is always a good feeling to give something that we made, even if it didn't take us much time (although the recipient doesn't need to know that!).  On the other hand, there are some pieces that are worth more time and effort so they will last for generations. An heirloom.

Raine has been teaching the French Braid Tree Skirt class for many years and each student has created a beautiful quilted heirloom.  No two are alike and each one is beautiful.  The pattern comes from Jane Hardy Miller's French Braid Obsession.

This pattern works well for so many styles. Jane's samples in her book are super colorful! Raine has made several tree skirts in traditional fabrics as well as bright Laurel Birch Christmas Dogs.  Lori's tropical tree skirt (in the photograph above) is in shades of watery blues and features sea turtles. Lime green batik skirts have been stitched alongside soothing creams and golds.  One student used French country blues and yellows...she chose to close the circle and keep it as a table topper to use year round! Of course, once you make might find yourself making more for family and friends! (That was the case for Debbie pictured below!)

Raine likes teaching this class because the French Braid technique produces results that look much harder than they are! Plus, she loves how exciting it is for the students to see their sets of braids coming together. She knows that each project is going to be cherished for years to come.

If you would like to take a class to create your holiday family heirloom, the next scheduled classes are Tuesdays starting 8/2/16 and Thursday evenings starting 8/4/16. (You can always check out our currently available classes here.) Find the pattern in French Braid Obsession by Jane Hardy Miller, available to purchase here. We are happy to assist you with choosing fabrics in any palette and combination that pleases you!

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